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"Some are born insane, some achieve insanity, and some have insanity thrust upon them." - Shakespeare (ish)
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Ode to a Nightingale
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One fateful day...

...Jinghan was studying for Literature, and found no resources to help her with John Keats's Ode to Apollo. Not even the bottomless pit of information called Google(not always relevant or helpful, but definitely bottomless) - yes - not even Google, was of much help. The best thing it could come up with was a link to some strange site called "Everything2". (What happened Everything1?) And all she found there was a transcript of the poem with a little bit of a biographical discussion (little bit being two sentences - but more help than anything else had been able to offer). Somehow (very mysteriously) Jinghan ended up browsing Everything2 for the next couple of hours, and was impressed by its ability to be flexible and formal/orderly at the same time - and maybe, most notable, its lack of discussion boards and hence lack of flame wars. And that was how this little noder came into existence.