A brief history of circumcision for those that don't want read an entire website.

1900-A prominent doctor(head of Bellvue and Prez of AMA) theorizes that childhood problems caused by irritation of penis. Practices on children and insane people and gets notoriety. The bloodletters drool.

The doctors then start talking about the evils of masturbation and insanity and cleanliness. The U.S. and England are the only two western countries to believe all this bullshit. The dirty immigrants start coming and the upper-class start circumsizing to flaunt their waspishness.

1945-Dr. Eugene Hand addresses the AMA. "The promiscuous and uncircumsized negro has an incidence of venereal infection of almost 100%, for the widely educated Jew, circumsized at birth, the rate has remained the same." Here the message is clear. If you don't get circumsized you are a wild animal, like those you know whos, with those you know whats.

1971-The American Academy of Pediatrics offically concludes that there is no medical grounds for circumcision. For some reason they do not announce this to the general public. Benjamin Spock reverses his position and calls circumcision, "unnecessary and at least mildly dangerous."

Here are my thoughts on the subject. Circumcision is a form of narcissistic mutilation to justify religious dogma. The high priests of the medical community get out their scalpel and perform their sacrificial rite on millions of innocent children who have no interest in some perveted covenant between Moses and God. Believe me, I do not want to single out the Jewish or Islamic community, but I wonder how much the irony of castrating gentile children is lost on the backdrop of all those years of persecution.

While 85% of the world is uncircumsized and there is no real medical reason for this surgery, especially with the discovery of anti-biotics, we still continue to accept this practice and I wonder why. Even England has stopped doing it . I mean they don't make that much money off it. It takes five minutes and they charge $100-$200.

And the evidence is in, the foreskin is not some useless piece of tissue. It has many functions. It keeps the penis protected from friction. You will never know the pain from having your penis head rubbing against your shorts because you now have scar tissue covering it. I mean if the head was made to be lubricated and protected, I don't care how much it resembles an animal penis, I want it lubricated and protected! Goddammit! I wish I had a lubricated and protected penis!

The real reason, and of course one of the original reasons for this procedure, which with a wink and a nudge is not talked about, is sex. Masturbation is greatly impaired. One of the main causes for female dryness is circumsized males. Sex is not as pleasurable. And I think that is the point. There is a conspiracy against the French model of three-hour lunches, mistresses and bidets. We say the French stink. The French are snobs and they don't shave. They are too busy having great sex and washing their privates in between menage-a-tois. They don't have time to shower in between every sexual encounter. They smoke and eat cheese and drink wine all day and live longer than we do. We work out and ingest viagra by the bucket and still can't compete with the French, or most other cultures for that matter.