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finding some sort of topic and getting off topic
sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name
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I am a someone who is about nothing really so i don't suppose this will be very interesting..or any of my nodes for that mater! and my user name? well i was going to do forgetmenot as in the flower...but didn't. Then I wanted to do something like whonoes as in who knows ...but that looked like it had some hidden meaning other than who knows because who really knows anyway! ooh that sounds like a title of a game show...Who Knows.. Cuz Who really knows ANYway!!! comeon say it with me with that jazzy kick to it! yeeeah. anyway..then I wanted to do ivory cuz i just always say ivory but i decided not to. end of story. then i did forgetmeNOT
and IVORy. with a period! .