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if there neck is there pulsing, then rip that vain out and grab a straw!!!
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little by little i make the world know me for only the night!!! following the moon rays beaming down to the earth like a path that moves in a path of peace and serinity!! providing me with meals along this path for which I have choosen!! bleed for me, cry for me, beg for your life!!! in the end it's only the sound of your neck ripping and breaking, your blood quenching my thirst!! feeling my empty void that is dead but yet so alive!! if you only could see what i truly am but you cant because now your resting in peace with a hole in your neck!!! the thought or the taste of someones blood puts me into another world of extacy!! dont try stabbing me in my heart because i have something that is much faster than your knife, my tech nine is feeling fine doing a line and seperating your spine before you can blink you can't think all you see is your last breath of blood and u start to sink!!! well damn!!