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"Mornings are full of tragedies."
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Economist, 41, with the US federal government for 10+ years. Married to Teresa, two kids Claire and Finian. My love of sport keeps me from going absolutely bonkers. I'm a lapsed Catholic. I fear I'm becoming less liberal as I age. "Everybody has a right to say whatever the fuck they want," and that's why I'm ever increasingly alienated. I have no close friends, only acquaintences. I try to live by my soul, I live for experience and adventure, but I'm trapped in a father's role. I am bi-polar and an alcoholic, but medicated, I function. I am skeptical by nature because I put so much weight on experience and I can never trust that others have had the experiences I have. I've been a college football player, a Catholic Missionary in Tanzania, a statistician, a Shakespearean actor (in college), a writer, a technical advisor, a manager in Egypt, and now, a reluctant Washington government prole.