Tantra is a wide-spread sexual practice, with strong ties to Buddhism. The idea is to strenghten the connection between lovers' souls and to tap the true energy between a pair in the most intimate of acts, sex. The practice of tantra has many religious connotations; as there are huge ties to meditation. Great sexual feats are possible by great practitioners of this art, including male multiple orgasm, amazing sexual stamina, and pure female bliss.

Tantra has been described in many Indian texts as sacred. It involves intimate knowledge and respect of the human body, both yours and your lovers. Massage, touch, stimulation, and sensation are at the heart of this beautiful expression of pure love. It has been described as almost divine. I am very respectful, and would personally like to read and learn more about these fascinating ancient practices. Many celebrities are very much into this (recently) trendy art. Sting is supposedly a master of this art, going for sessions lasting many hours. Woody Harrelson has claimed that has done absolute wonders for his relationships, among others.