BearShare is one of a few clients that have sprung up from the Gnutella network. Since Gnutella is a flawed program (as many are), to keep the network stable and healthy, people who are in "control" of the network (Clip2 and others) have deprecated the original Gnutella client, and have moved on to others such as BearShare, LimeWire, Gnotella, and the like. Bearshare is the greatest of the Win32 clients, due to its rich feature set, and native executable property. It manages traffic and hits well, and does a lot to keep the network flowing.

It has many features that make sure that it is superior to Gnutella, such as a notification when a new BearShare is available, Quality of Service meters, better searching, etc.

Updates to the distributed network clients (such as BearShare) and relying upon an agreed upon standard are crucial to the survival of the network. Without such diligent improvement, bugs in older versions will cause the death of the scalability of the network as we know it.

The bearshare website is: