At the Borders of Queer Nation
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Voices 2

"By defining the boundaries of bisexuality, we define the boundaries of lesbianism, and vice versa... Where, then, do we draw the line between lesbianism and bisexuality? How do we decide who is the real lesbian - indeed, whether we ourselves are real lesbians - and who is bisexual?" (Rust 1995:58)

"...what is feared is a dilution and eventual loss of national identity, a negation of boundaries and distinctions.... The crucial axiom is always the same: an individual, human or collective, cannot be two things at once." (Handler 1988:49)

"It is almost as if bisexuals threaten queers with assimilation into the heterosexual world." (Niewitz and Sandell 1994)

"The point that bisexuals transgress boundaries which, in our culture, are intimately related to notions of pollution and contagion hardly needs to be belabored" (Orlando 1991)

"The emergence of cultural identity implies the fragmentation of a larger unity and is always experienced as a threat." (Friedman 1992:854)

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