I've been running the public preview of IE6 at work for the past couple of weeks. So far it hasn't crashed at all. Most of that time it was on NT4 SP6, but now it's running 2000 SP2. The new media bar is pretty annoying and seems almost pointless, but I didn't play with it much. Another annoying thing is that when you get a 404 error IE will automatically pop up the search tab. There isn't any option to turn that off (that I've seen). You can customize the search feature to use certain search engines, but Google isn't one of the choices (what's up with that?). There are a couple small new features, but basically it's the same old browser. I haven't tried writing any HTML for it, but hopefully what they say about better conforming to standards is true. I give it a thumbs up.

Update: Ok, it just crashed. But it's been about 2 weeks. They copied the "send in an error report" feature from Netscape and they give you the option to reopen IE once it closes.