An early 1960's musical group which featured Van Morrison as lead vocalist, and actually did quite well for themselves. Morrison also wrote most of the material, though he did leave the band in 1966, before the group officially disbanded. I'm not familiar with any of their material after that point, but I'd be willing to wager it isn't as impressive. They formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and disbanded there in 1971. They were considered part of the "British Invasion", though they weren't strictly British. They actually put out some amazing music, though I'm quite sure that most anything that has to do with Van Morrison has the potential to be brilliant.

They put out a self-titled album, as well as "Here Comes the Night", "Them Again", "Them in Reality", "Them Featuring Van Morrison", "Backtrackin'", "Belfast Gypsies", "Shut Your Mouth", "One More Time", and a re-release of sorts featuring Van Morrison.

One of their best songs is "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (I think it's a cover of a Bob Dylan song, though.. or did he cover it? Either way, it's good.) "Gloria", among others, did very well on the charts. Morrison never liked how commercial the group tended to be, I suppose that's partly why he didn't stay with them for very long.