Their eyes convey a sort of simplicity, and freedom, and emanate more beauty than I can seem to conjure from my entire being. They've a place in society high above most other creatures.
Human life is dependent on their presence, animals provide us with comfort, amusement, as well as nourishment. I think it would be injustice if I did not mention that these poor things are so much to us, and yet, they happen to be very under-appreciated.

To see certain animals is to have good luck all day, and to cross the path of a black cat is parallel to walking under a ladder, in terms of superstition.

Most cultures embrace animals in one way or another. Many even worship certain species, eg: In India, Hinduism. Hinduism reveres the cow, a simple creature to some, this animal is highly important to these people and their slaughter is prohibited in several of India's provinces. The urine and feces of cattle is regarded as a sort of purifier.

Take the time to enjoy all that animals can bring to your life, even if you do nothing more than watch the graceful stride of a feline as it sidles across a quiet street.