Title of an interesting collection of music released by Jump, Little Children in 1998 on Atlantic Records. Listening from start to finish, each track seems strikingly different from the last. It's an amazing album, though I wonder slightly at the arrangement of tracks as flow might have been improved with slight alteration.

Track Listing:

1. Not Today
2. Violent Dreams
3. Come Out Clean
4. Cathedrals
5. All Those Days Are Gone
6. Body Parts
7. My Guitar
8. B-13
9. Habit
10. Say Goodnight
11. Close Your Eyes

so let's break it down, a little..
My favourite slow tracks on the album are most definitely "Close Your Eyes" and "Cathedrals", though most every song on the album appeals to me in some way, "Come Out Clean" is fast and fairly loud but very good. It's hard to describe the album as a whole, except to say that it jumps all over the place.. sweet enchanting vocals, lyrics, to harsh and unsettling. Most times, I can't listen all the way through, simply because it doesn't fit any one mood well enough.

I don't know that many people that are into Jump, Little Children, but the people I do know are very into them. There is a good reason for that.. check the album out, though nothing beats one of their live shows. The entire group has a lot of experience and are extremely talented. Get acquainted with this album, and the new one, "Vertigo", hit up one of their shows, and you'll know exactly why so many people are addicted.

One last note.. few things are quite so awe inspiringly gorgeous as watching them perform Cathedrals live, or as exciting as hearing the first few notes of Violent Dreams or gosh any of it. Listen and support them, they deserve it.