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I'm good at sports, math, and other seemingly pointless stuff that I like and helps me make sense of the world in an odd way.
Chaparral High School
"As self-conscious grows, self-importance dies." -Rodney Collin
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Well, I'm a fifteen year old girl. I'd say I'm pretty happy with my life and my surroundings, but I still have "issues"
(I hate that word) like everyone else I suppose. I'm just trying to learn about myself and make sense of the
world. I lead a simple life, you could call it generic or even stereotypical, but I don't mind because it is
significant to me. I'm really into running cross country and I play soccer as well. I enjoy leading a really
disciplined life in which I push myself to my etremes physically. I also like school and learning and resisting
temptation. I'm trying to grow as much as I can as an individual and I think that sacrificing aids me in spiritual
growth. Examples of the temptaions I resist are that I am a vegetarian, I do not take medicine for head aches,
sports injuries, or colds, I do not do drugs or drink alcohol, and I rarely watch TV (with the exception of The
X-Files.) I don't regret choosing to live my life like this, but sometimes I doubt my desiscion. Sometimes I fear
I will regret it. I stay so incredibly busy that I often don't have the time to reflect. I really like movies and books
and I really wish I was better at writing and creative expression because I'd like to have that as an outlet.
Instead I'm chained to my analytical and mathmatical mind. I suppose it's not a bad thing, I just hate how the
poem's I write are so crappy.