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(set your babelfish to "kiwi" cos I am from New Zealand and here we have colour and honour )

(No we don't live in grasshuts.

Next question please

Yup we did win the Americas Cup, and apparently win more Olympic medals per capita than the USA but enough of that. I am from the North Island of New Zealand ( we have North, South and Stewart Islands plus a host of small islands with names like Great Barrier, Little Barrier, Slipper, Matakana...). We are in the South Pacific, we speak mostly English, and many speak Maori. We are apparently a "safe" country to come to for a holiday and we have a range of activities here from white sand beaches and surf ( similar to California) to ice topped mountains with ski fields, a desert area, rolling countryside, and .....well you would have to visit New Zealand to see.

As for myself, my latest job description would have to be "web ferret" as I seem to spend a lot of my time digging out information that then serves to assist companies with developing their business strategies and decisions.

So...what else do you want to know? That's it? ok :)

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Update 18 July 6.52pm NZ time: Wahoooo! at last after, I think 29 (ish) tries, I am finally able to get back in and update my profile! YES! The site kept booting me off :( maybe it is a firewall thingie on my puta so I better go check through FAQ and the universe of everything to see if there is any clue there about that.

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OK so I don't think I am ready yet to start my very first node, but no doubt it will be something whimsically physics related with enough info and good use of vocab to please the gurus of this site *inserts cheesy grin*