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Who am I? A teacher, 35, female, not called Grazyna. I've got two children Tara, 8, and Edmund, 6. Those aren't their real names either, but I might want to talk about them here, so I'll give them names. :)

I've been lurking on E2 enough to find it useful in my teaching: occasionally some concept will be explained succinctly enough that it helps me understand and can use it: I've found the mathematics particularly useful.

I'm writing a novel. (Answer: 'Neither am I.') Yes, well, I'm not telling you any more about that. But you might get things more like short stories, if I can ever think of any.

Who is Grazyna? She's the first woman I ever made love to, back in, oh my, 1987. Nothing ever came of it, though I wish I could find her again and see what we could do now I know so much more about what I want to do. It's Polish, with a soft Z. She was Polish, and soft all over. You know how it is with memories. :)