I'm tired of the cold. I want lemonade and flopsy shoes and little umbrellas in my drinks.

I take it back. I want one further. I want twiddling toes in grassy knolls and laying on the sweet grass looking for four leaf clovers. I want the sun kissing my shoulders and the warm winds. I want daisy chains and lazy bees and the smell of rain.

I want one further. I want warm rain storms and running through them shrieking and feeling alive. I want chalk on the pavement and skipping because I can.

Fresh cut grass and running through sprinklers. Hearing the kids on their bikes with cards attached to the spokes. Tapoketa-poketa-poketa. Barbecue smells from the neighbors. Baby frogs in the garden. Crickets in the evenings.

I want one further. I want the stars so bright they make me breathless. Lying on the ground and staring up at them and wishing. And wishing.

Swinging on swings, legs dangling and tossing myself up so high I can almost fly. I want the air through my hair as I swing to the clouds. I want sunshine and wildflowers and sandy feet.

Rubber shoes on the pavement, thump thump thump as they run by. Children laughing. Popsicles dribbling down my arm as my mouth tries to beat the sun at consuming them. I want one further. I want the smell of fresh lilacs growing outside my window, breezing in. I want comfort. I want home.