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Seventh grade, a very trying time in my life. During this time I was never living in the same place for a very long time, a month at most. I switched schools three times before we finally settled down in a quaint town called Bremerton. I didn't have any friends for the first half of Seventh grade. During the second half I befriended Justin, who is my friend to this day. At the time he was not a very nice kid, and got into more than his fair share of trouble, I try not to judge people immediately when I meet them. We have an unspoken agreement that if I didn't judge him he wouldn't judge me and it was doubly so regarding each of our pasts. Over the years Justin became a good person and is one of my best friends even though there are several things we do not see eye to eye about, one has to take the good with the bad. Over the next couple years I came to terms with my past which I will probably never write about. Only my very close friends know much about my life before seventh grade. Right now, I'm a senior in High School that plans to go to Olympic College and transfer out to another college to get a Computer Science degree. I can be very shy but if you get to know me you'll realize I'm really a chatterbox. As for luck with the ladies, lets just say I'm not very skilled in that department. Also I'm a huge geek and I enjoy screwing around with computers not to mention a huge trekkie.