I haven't written a daylog in a couple of years--so bear with me. This morning's events are too strange to go unwritten.

I was driving to work, notable only by the absence of traffic and the whine of my speedometer. The lack of radio makes me acutely aware of all the squeaks and whistles my car has to offer, and there are quite a few.

As I was passing the three-story sporting goods store that I've passed a thousand times, I heard yelling coming from the adjacent car-park. I glanced over, as one can only glance while operating a vehicle at 40mph. I saw what looked like a homeless man lumbering after another guy, who was yelling for help.

I kept driving. Things like this aren't all that out of the ordinary in a large city. Although it was fairly unusual for a homeless man to sport a $2000 sports jacket and a suit to match. That much I guess I noticed.

I considered the incongruity of that as I heard the sirens. Emergency vehicles were apparently on their way to intercept the well-dressed homeless fellow. Except they passed me. Going the wrong way. What seemed like dozens of them. I spent more time pulling over than I did driving. Even stranger was the fact that I saw no less than three fire trucks pass a burning two story building. Never was there a time I wished my radio worked more than now.

After more of the same, I arrived at work, but there was no one there that I could find. I made my way to my cube and began to write this account while it was still fresh in my mind. And I just heard movement and what sounded like a moan from down the hall. I'll go see if whomever that is can tell me what's going on.