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Why have I become a user? Damn good question really, if I ever find the answer you'll be the first to know. Heard about this through Wntrmute or Dead as he is known to me and the rest of Westcliff. Westcliff being the school I attended for three years, and the place where life really did change for me. Went through one hell of an emotional rollercoaster there, made friends, enemies, learnt alot of useless information I will now take with me till the end of my days. Although, to be honest, some of that 'useless' stuff is now becoming more useful in everyday life running payroll for a London recruitment company so i guess teachers aren't as useless as they first appear... Something to ponder? I doubt it, but still.
Anyway, where was I, well, for that matter, where did I begin? I guess thats a question I've been asking myself really, so I imagine this could only be a place to discover that, and add a nice blend of public humiliation on the way. Although, having been booted from all but one message board that I've ever joined, I'm not imagining this hanging around for long. The thing with me is the mood swings. Not major, psycho killing frenzy type stuff, just your every-day manic depressive, ecstactically happy mood swings. But here I am, rambling away about nothing and everything.
I am Chris. As said at some point I run payroll by day and become, well, not much by night. How did I get there? Well, my life story is something that has never been, nor ever will (I doubt) be requested so we'll not go there. Spent my life moving across the country every few years or so, so no real roots as such. Any roots that were developed have been pretty much cut off through my absolute laziness and lack of letter writing ability, if I weren't so tired, I doubt I'd be writing this, with my contact lenses trying to glue my eyelids together at the same time as drying my eyeballs out. Again, I digress.
So I moved around alot, in that time I have attended three highschool's, two primarys, had six homes, lived in four counties, had three dogs, two cats, six gerbils, two hamsters, numerous fish, various fungal colonies, several disasterous relationships and a dubious number of friends. Which explains why I am here at 23:30 on a Friday night writing garbage on a site dedicated to knowing everything.
On another note, I have the feeling that I am a Paranoid narcissist, which is hard, believe me, when you have the feeling that no one cares, yet everyone is talking about you.
I am undecided about this, if I am on the Net, and bored, and remember to actually visit this page, purchance I may actually attempt to write something of vague interest to someone, or should (shock, horror) someone actual comment to me about this, I might be slightly more inspired. As I said previously, I'm going for the assumption that this will be gone in a couple of weeks. Still, mine is not to question why, mine is but to do or die, as some one once said I believe...