I am waiting for my operating system to install so I can spare a little time to write you this. My thoughts naturally turn to you when I get a chance to rest. They are some of the most pleasant thoughts I know.

The weekend is almost upon us. It makes me smile to think of all the uninterrupted time I can spend with you. These thoughts are warm and soft.

I can barely wait to be in your arms again, to be by your side, even to watch you play Blinx. OK, maybe going shopping with you isn't so much fun, but I should learn to appreciate that too.

There are many aspects of our life together that I should be thankful for. Building this thing together is something I'm still learning. I hope you can forgive me for my mistakes.

Our time on this planet is too short. I treasure the moments that we do get. We should take every chance we get to enjoy the days we have together and hope they never disappear.