In less than 48 hours I'll be leaving Higley, Arizona to drive in a straight shot to Dallas, Texas.

In a Nissan 350Z I'll fly down the highway, dust digging its way into the new air filter in the hot little car. Suitcase full of work clothes, a couple pair of jeans. I am going for work, I am going to get away, I am going to find something - that I don't know that I am really looking for. My head is filled with reason that can't be enacted.

I am going to the only Utopia I have right now, and it is about to be destroyed. My co workers are my peers, my friends. They are all in Dallas. And the thread that unified us is broken. One by one we are going to drift apart after a series of victories that was not quite large enough for any of us. This is my John Galt fairy tale. I am Dagny Taggart and that dark red Japanese sportscar is my Pullman car.

Work has consumed my life and I have loved it, as I love my co workers. I can't wait to get to Texas, to my Utopia. I will cry when I watch us unravel - one brilliant departure following another, and hope that work can ever be that rewarding again.