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Well here I go again, caught up in that giant yo-yo that we call life. Most people complain that there yo-yo won't come back up, just sits there at the end of the string, spinning. Not me--nope, I am different--you will see. I, on the other hand, am that. yo-yo that when you yo real hard and try to get that thing to sleep, but I come shooting right back up, and bruise your fingers. My life is an addictive little yo-yo, that will just keep shooting right back up into your hand, till you fingers hurt so muc.h that you just have to switch hands. So as life goes on, and many people just yo, with out the other yo, I will be eating whipped cream and reading safety pamphlets.

I will leave you now, for I have wood to melt and a thesis to compose. This is where&.I leave the intellectuals that aren’t.