A platform game for the PC developed by Moonlite Software and published by Apogee Software in June 1994. It was/is shareware: the first episode (Time Tripping) is free, the remaining three (Shattered Worlds, "Warped and Weary" and Destination Home) are only available in the registered version.

A plot... Hocus, who lives in the Land of Lattice has to prove his worth to join the Council of Wizards by completing various tasks for Terexin, leader of the council. He needs to join the council in order to marry his true love, Popopa.

The gameplay in each level consists simply of collecting all of the crystals in the level - there are no other specific goals, but the levels are engineered that collecting the crystals involves completing the whole level (collecting keys, defeating monsters, etc). Once you've got them all, lots of sparks appear, you warp out, and up comes the level end screen with points bonuses and the such (further details are below).

Lightning! The only weapon Hocus has is his Infinite Pocket Sized Lightning spell. As well as being used to attack monsters, the bolts produced can also destroy certain types of blocks. This spell can be rather annoying, as without powerups there can only be one bolt of lightning on the screen at a time, which means you must wait for the bolt to hit your target before firing the next one.

Nor is this the only annoying thing about the game; it is quite easy to get stuck on levels with no way of collecting the rest of the crystals, especially when the blue warp potions are used to warp you to another part of the level. Other potion colours are black (laser shots), white (rapid fire), brown (super jump) and green (health).

While the green potions are common, the other potions are rare and are normally only in places where they're needed. For instance, in one level you can only get to a certain crystal using a super jump potion - leading to the aforementioned problem of not being able to get that crystal if you mess up the jump.

The music in the game was damn good.. there were 12 different songs, all rather cool, to the extent that I was looking forward to the next level for the sake of the music. The graphics looked damn cool too, in their VGA goodness.

Arrr, Treasure! There are only four items of treasure in this game; the ruby, the goblet, the diamond and the crown. Their sole function is to give you extra points - if you collect every item on the level you get bonus points, and you also get bonus points for completing the level within a certain time limit. The true challenge is obtaining both bonuses at the same time.

System Requirements: VGA, 585k of RAM, hard drive. Supports: various sound cards, Gravis Gamepad, joystick.