Wow- Today marks exactly 5 years since I joined E2. What a long, strange trip it's been. During the past half decade I've graduated from owning a glorified single-wide mobile home in a seedy community (heard it didn't survive the recent hurricane season) to owning a nice townhouse (June will mark 3 years here). Been through a few vehicles including 2 Lincoln Towncars and a Chevy Caprice. Attended a few Vietnam Veterans reunions and several "special needs" community events. Concieved, and subsequently gave birth to my second son. Officially began my quest for my husband's vindication- and am winning!!! Continued to stay clean & sober one day at a time, and recently launched the 12-Step Recovery Instant Messenger Cooperative. Basically, I've simply continued to "keep on keeping on" no matter what. Whether times have been good, bad, or indifferent, I have always strived to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Does any of this make me somehow better than anyone else? Hardly. Have my experiences made me stronger emotionally, physically, and spiritually? I can answer with a fair amount of confidence: yes. Thank you, my fellow noders, for adding a truly unique spin to the internet. Hell- this isn't merely a milestone just for this goofy grrl... Y'all had a hefty part in it!!!