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St. Merchants all girls' school.
Leben fur der sekunde- Live for the second
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Name: Laura

Nickname: Double L, LC or Lil' Laura

Age: 14, almost 15

Location: England

Sexuality: Bisexual

About: I go to school, i'm in all high classes, i also go to College on a monday. I'm Anorexic, again....Last time i was caught out and force fed in a clinic. I can be very opinionated, but only if your opinion is stupid. All my friends turn to me for advice, which i'm pretty good with. I love Indie, rock and pop music, Like:

The Wombats, AFI, Tokio Hotel, Rhianna, The Hoosiers, Artic Monkeys, Blaqk Audio.

Alot of my friends are in bands too, all based in or around Liverpool. Like Sympathetic Chokehold, The Vibes, OCD, Hieniken Rules.

I can speak Fluent spanish, and i'm in the midst of learning German too. I love learning about other cultures and thier languages.

I like Anime/Manga, watching TV, going out to concerts and gigs all weekend, smoking, the occasional drink, going out with my friends through out the week, reading, writing, drawing and meeting new people. I'm Bi, unlike the fakers who just act it.


i've been backstabbed lots of times by 'friends' so it takes me a while to learn to trust people and i react very seriously to some 'jokes' because i don't trust them. I'm actually a really nice, outgoing, friendly person, if you get to know me. :)