Variation I : Old-fashioned Mama-style
So named for my mama. Boil water in ratio 2(water):1(rice). Add rice. Stir and check often.

This method will be ridiculed and protested. It requires lifting the lid and stiring (but with a wooden spoon, mind you). In the end, it is the least chic way to cook rice.

But if you're a mama or want to cook mama-style, this method can be good. It takes long, long practice, but will work.

Variation II : New-fashioned European-style
This is what every European has suggested who has tried to tell me to how to cook rice. (That's not many -- I don't take no lip on rice-cooking.)

Heat small amount oil in a pot. Add rice. Let rice lightly cook (just enough to get a little whiter). Add water. Bring water to a boil. Stir and remove pot from heat. (Others say leave pot on low heat. You'll have to see what works for you. Often depends on the rice-type.)

Possibility: add a whole onion with water

Variation III : Rice pie
A form of cooked rice. For instructions see: how to cook rice