I don't like these terms (wigger, chigger), because they are similar to the offensive nigger.

Now that I got that off my keyboard, I find it interesting now that many white people are adopting many of the fashions and aesthetics of African American culture. It doesn't take much time in a large city to find white people with cornrows, or white kids in cars playing loud rap music.

It's not the particular observation that I find interesting, but it's the complete change from the way things were 50 years ago that I find interesting. Back in the 50's, it was the African American trying to adopt the fashions and aesthetics of the White American culture, by relaxing their hair and dressing like regular white people. And right in between, about 25 years ago was when the Civil Rights Movement had legitimized African American culture. So it seems like you copy for 25 years, legitimize your own culture, then the other side copies your culture...

Except Asian American culture. Seems like we've been copying white American culture, and now some are copying African American culture. Maybe in 50 years, white and African Americans will copy Asian American aesthetics???