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A nameme created long ago in the chatterbox, from the root FelonyMPulse which was found in a long forgotten Sci-Fi novel and adopted as a user name by a fledgling noder. A noder of the age, fresh with promise and dreams who practised getting to know you, noding for numbers and cut and paste in his darkest days, finally nuking nodes from orbit was the only option and whole swaths of dross were removed piecemeal from the database. What little original and worthy content remained was a source of some disappointment for our hero who persevered under this identity for a short period of time with a now vanished vanity domain.

Following a sabbatical to consider how best to contribute to this massive consensual database, while growing myself a crop of fine cerebral grass for medicinal and museical purposes only you understand, I have returned with yet another identity and can be found actively noding as The Great Librarian. Felony should be considered fled, fempu as dormant and the future as unknown. Please redirect all mail yada yada, last one out please turn off the lights.