A 2005 film written and directed by Ben Younger, starring Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg. It's basically a chick flick, but a decent one, at least. It's about a 37-year-old woman who's recently divorced and starts dating a 23-year-old guy. The twist, though, is that he is her therapist's son. So once his mother finally figures this out, there's some complications (obviously), and the couple hit some rough patches. Eventually (Major spoiler ahead) they break up, never to see each other again. I liked that about this film, it was a much better ending than those found in most of the films of this type. (spoilers end here)

Of course, there's gay friends of the woman, as every film apparently needs these days. I can see how these things happen, deep inside Hollywood: "Hmm... this movie's not funny enough yet. Any ideas?", "Well sir, how about we add some flaming homosexuals?". There's also the guy's wacky friend who hits girls with pies, and the stereotypically jewish grandparents ("Did you have something to eat? Would you like a sandwich?"). It's mostly pretty predictable, but rather well executed. The couple's relationship is warm and believable, the writing is generally quite good, and (best of all) they don't over-sell the point.

Perhaps it's just because it had Uma Thurman in it, but I genuinely liked this chick flick (a rare occurence).

Director & writer: Ben Younger
Producer(s): Jennifer Todd & Suzanne Todd
Music by: Ryan Shore

Rafi Gardet: Uma Thurman
David Bloomberg: Bryan Greenberg
Lisa Metzger: Meryl Streep
Morris: Jon Abrahams