In 1999 or so, some friends and I came up with a really, really, really funny idea to waste warez d00dz' time.

It was a Hotline server, hosted on a crappy 33.6 dial-up. We connected a bunch - about 30 - clients to localhost with phony nicks, claiming to be downloading to explain the slow transfers, making false conversation in Hotline's public chat area. We had a lot of character development for these fake clients. I remember one client, played by me, was a Japanese stereotype who spoke broken English and "uploaded" "import games". The "admin" was a guy with the nick "RICHIE", and his icon was of an explosion. Used lots of caps lock.

And you know what we claimed to have? N64 rom images (otherwise known as ROMZ z0r z0r z0r in idiotspeak). The funny thing is that no emulator could play these. Sure, there were hardware things like cd64, Doctor V64, whatever they were called. But the warez d00dz didn't know about those. We wrote a few trojans and passed them off as "emulators".

People downloaded them. They sure did. From a 33.6. The files themselves? They were 8MB of zeroes. 16MB of zeroes. However many zeroes might correspond with the cartridge specified in the filename. A few of them were 32MB of zeroes. We had about every game we could think of, until we filled my friend's hard drive.

Laughed a lot that time. It was all such an elaborate hoax just to piss off a few warez d00dz stupid enough to stay there. One guy came in and talked about his friend's cd64 backup unit. I /msg'd him and told him the 0-day 31337 g4m3z were fake.