Hello, Everything.

Lots of stuff going on right now with E2, and lots of wild speculation and echo chamber type stuff going on. I'd like to dispel what could obviously very quickly turn into ugly and damaging rumors.

Let's start with what we know for sure:

1) Major changes are on the horizon for the upper management and legal status of Everything2. We are still investigating the transition. Nobody is going to be pulling the plug without warning.

2) Rob Malda, a.k.a. cmdrtaco, one of the founders of E2 way back when, has put up a posting advertising that E2 is for sale. You can read the posting yourself right here.

3) Several staff members and users have already pledged the money to keep the ship sailing, buy new servers, transplant the content, and have E2 running as fast as is technically possible in the event that any of that needs to be done.

4) The paperwork to incorporate a non-profit organization and transition seamlessly is already being investigated and prepared.

5) Clampe has also offered to continue hosting through the same deal we have in place, if the details in 3) don't work or don't work all the way.

There are obviously things that still need to be clarified; the right people are being asked the right questions. We'll keep you posted with everything we know, so don't worry about being kept in the dark.

For more details, you can read the rest of the ed logs here, or check out this helpful daylog.

- Mr. F