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As of July 1st, 2007, I have seven votes left.
As of November 14th, 2007, I have six votes left.

dannye handed out 15 (or 20?) votes to everyone on Christmas of 2005 (or 2004?) and ever since then I've hoarded them carefully, as I can no longer seem to muster the gumption to write anything, and doubt I will ever make level 2. But every so often I see a writeup so marvelous I have to use up one of my precious, precious votes, or conversely I see one I find so odious I am compelled to burn a vote to on downvoting it.

One day they will run out, or more likely I will halt all voting activity with one vote left to preserve that single unit of potential, and then eventually I will probably stop coming here and inevitably forget e2 entirely.

<dem bones> The hilarious thing is the button for 'bless' is right next to the button for 'lock user account.' So far I've given two users Freedom from E2 for Christmas.

(r) dannye says + 1 1/4 oz. Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum + 5 oz. Tonic Water Here's some votes. Merry Christmas! (r) dannye says Sorry about the drink recipe. I'm having cut/paste problems tonite. Start w/ "Here's..."

There used to be something pretty neat here, but I guess nothing neat lasts forever.