I love this movie too, but I have to disagree; Andie and Blane's love was not unrequited. They were both totally interested in one another (even though later on Blane tried to deny it, the bastard.) What about their little fling in the stable, eh, if not requiting?

But my absolute favorite character is Iona (Annie Potts.) The only part of Pretty in Pink that I truly loathe is the bit near the end where Iona stops being a cool new wave chick to go out with some lamp yuppie veterinarian in a cheap Miami Vice wardrobe. Iona was so incredibly sexy for a fourteen year old boy. I think she's the basis of my older-woman fetish.

A couple of cool Iona quotes:

Iona: It's such a waste working in a lowly retail outlet.
Andie: No, not if you're good at it.
Iona: I'm good in bed; should I be a whore?
(Note that Iona is wrong; she worked at Wax Trax!)

Iona: Every time you go to the john, you lose IQ points.

Iona: Bondage has no place in my life. Since when? Since I spent the night tied up in the back seat of your car.

Duckie: You know what an older woman does for me?
Iona: Change your diaper?

Iona: It would've been a fairytale; if only my date wasn't the only one with a wife and two kids.

The soundtrack track list is:

The two John Hughes movies I like best are Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful. For better or for worse, when I was younger, these two films had a tremendous impact on my conception (or, perhaps, misconception) of what Romantic Love was all about.