Slang term used in certain conferences on Electric Minds. Denotes the action of posting to a topic in the conferencing system so as to create a post which has a specific number (hence "snarfing" that number).

Popular snarfs include "century" and "millenial" numbers (e.g. posts 100, 200, 1000, 2000, etc.), as well as other magic numbers such as 42 and 69. Almost any post number can be made a snarf; one poster only snarfs post numbers that are divisible by 3, for instance. Other frequently popular snarfs are palindromic snarfs (of post numbers that read the same backwards and forwards, such as 242 or 1331), sequential snarfs (of post numbers that form an ascending sequence, such as 345 or 2324), and the popular "Karen Valentine" snarf (222).