Curious the units of measurement in the kitchen,
The organ player from Notre Dame,
The advertisement with the monkey.

All art an expression of the inexpressible; tempered by fragile neurons.

Elissa had a seizure – did I tell you that?

Leisl, Friedrich, Gretl

The animals are breaking out of the zoo;
So anyway,

The pitch and the frequency are dirty water.
The shopping cart at the bottom of the Charles,
From that display at the Aquarium,
Came up again.
This winter
On the frozen river –
A shopping cart sat –
On the Charles!

Would you look at that?
People are such litterbugs here.

And I can see through the ice

The missiles will cross the earth?
Look, here’s the trajectory –
From California to North Korea
You can see it in the glass.

Bottoms up.