Where did I go?
Out the door.
Moved, changed jobs, lost my hi-speed internet. Had to attend to my meat life.
Why am I back?
Short answer: I'm not. I just popped in for the sake of nostalgia, for a more innocent time when all my friends were online.

All my friends were online.
I'm still a social isolate. I work in a peculiar area of politics now, raising money for Democrats from individuals who answer their phone. In the last three years I've gone from the voice on the phone, to fetching coffee for the people doing the calling, to assisting a supervisor, to running a team of 100 kids, to, now, coordinating a predictive dialer for a crew ranging from 75 to 138 (and growing) in three locations, putting in 50-60 hour weeks.

It's Real Life.

E2, in order to get out of it what I used to, requires a time commitment that I no longer have. You get what you give.

My child is growing up seeing me 10 minutes a day. My spouse, the fulcrum of my life, gets not much more.
But we live in a house now, not an apartment.

The years I spent online helped me learn to live in the world. For that, I'm always grateful to the community that was, still is here. I just don't have the time anymore. I need every hour for my flowerbeds, for my clunky plumbing, for charts and numbers and plans.

And for my loves. For Noteponymous. For Minieponymous.