Yesterday for me was one hell of a day. It hadn't been the greatest weekend in fact. I found out on Thursday that I'd failed one of my university courses meaning that I would have to take a summer course. This isn't the greatest news considering I was Dux of my school last year and know that its utterly my fault for not bothering to go to lectures for about a semester. I knew I wasn't going to get the greatest mark but was hoping that I would still scrap through.

That was Thursday, the day my parents drove to Christchurch so that they could fly to Sydney for The Eagles. I don't think that they too thrilled by my news. They were driving back yesterday.

About 1:30pm I was sitting at the computer browsing the internet when I heard the sound of a bag russling in the house. Strange I thought as I looked out the window noting that I could see my sister was outside mowing the lawn. So I went to investigate.

I get into our hallway and suddenly a man comes out of my sister's room. I'm not sure who was more surprised to another person in the house. He was the first to react, punching me in the side of the head. Now I'm not the most physical person, never having played any contact sports so I was stunned by this and fell to the floor. He ran out the backdoor of our house.

Still stunned by what has just happened I go outside to find my sister, who couldn't quite work out why I was coming outside. After explaining what had just happened, she decided we should go to the Community Police Station three houses down after locking the house.

We get to the police station to find that there aren't actually any officers there so the receptionists call the Communications Centre for us and we tell them what has just happened. They dispatch a Crime Scene Investigator, Police cars and even some dogs.

Unfortunately they were unable to find him but the CSI was able to get some good fingerprints off the door where he probably entered and definitely left. Stupidly he also pushed shut an internal door as he was fleeing giving some more prints.

As for me I just ended up with a lump just above my temple. And all that he got in the end was a $10 note that was lying on a cabinet.