Trust me, i’m a Doctor...Who fan.

Doctor Who is a British television that spans decades of tv history. It started way back in the days of black and white TV in the 196o's on the BBC. It has starred many weird and wonderful actors, who if I were to name here, would take a great deal of time (there is a node for that anyway). It’s main focus was on the mysterious man name The Doctor, who travelled around in a blue police box called the, TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). He battled Cybermen, Daleks, the Slitheen and many more evils, but not without the help of his trusty sonic screwdriver and a companion of course.

My focus here is on the revival of the cult hit, which started with the shows relaunch in 2005 and my slow introduction to the fandom. To be honest, when this show came back I was one of the skeptics who immediately chose to dislike the show on the grounds that it looked stupid, lame and overtly British. Boy was I wrong!
In 2007, I watched my first ever Doctor Who episode and I was hooked. It was not stupid, or lame and I absolutely loved the British themes. I had actually flicked to the channel by accident on a Saturday night as I couldn’t find anything to watch. The particular episode being shown was the one in which Rose(the doctor’s companion) and The Doctor went back in time to when Charles Dickens had just written a A Christmas Carol. I loved the way that they mingled some history, some literature and some new sci fi ideas all into one brilliant episode.
Doctor Who may come off as an unbelievable, light sort of comedy but it is much deeper than that. The show warns of us many issues plaguing our modern society. The issues tackled are things such as our contribution to global warming and the effects it could quite possibly have on us in the future, human vanity, war, scientific testing slavery. The list can really go on but i’ll just let you watch the show.

I remember introducing the series to a friend of a friend. He took the show a little too literally and asked me “So when’s our planet blowing up? And why?” He asked as if the show was a direct representation of what had and will come to pass. I don’t see why he thought that as that particular episode had a stretched out piece of skin on a frame depicting the last human. But it did get me thinking more about the show and the undertones it portrayed.
But enough on the seriousness of the show and more on the fun! I was not a Christopher Eccleston fan as I found him really grouchy (many beg to differ). I did however LOVE David Tenants portrayal of the Doctor, and I guess so did the rest of the female population of Whovians. He had everything, he was funny, romantic, slightly immature, apologetic, sincere and deeply pained. He was a tortured soul, a sexy tortured soul, now what girl could’nt love that? He also revealed more about the Doctor than any other portrayal before him. Many fans really close to the old series didn’t like how familiar Tenant was making the Doctor too familiar with his audience but I sure as hell did not. I lapped it up even more.i particularly like how they worked the romance between Rose Tyler and The Doctor into the story.
I think anyone young or old will love this show, it may be scifi but it still has a sense of being part of the all too familiar every day. Minus the aliens of course. I hope my love of the show has come across and you all watch it at least once. Maybe one viewing is all it takes to turn a doubter into a fan, I know it did in my case.