NYC-based noise-rock band started in 1994 when bassist Erik Sanko decided he wanted to recreate the clanking junkyard noises that were the background for his internal monologue. He recruited Chris Maxwell on guitar, Steve Calhoon on drums and Rick Lee on junk percussion and together they made loud, melodic, distorted music for the ages. They released an LP, Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon (now out of print), as well as a self-titled EP with two album tracks and additional tracks "Solitaire," "You Might Drown," "Hoboerotica" and "The Spreading Stain."

In early 1999, they broke up.

Then Erik decided he wanted the band to go on, but everyone else was unavailable, so he was joined by Chapel Hill expats Nic Brown on percussion and Alec Ferrell on guitar. Skeleton Key played its first gig in two years in early February 2001 at the Village Underground, and it seems that they're here to stay.

They have a new official website at