Oh, juicing:

I cannot sing juice's praises enough. Here are just some benefits of juice:

  • It gives us all of vegetable's nutrients and vitamins. Vegetables in their raw form do not impart us with all their minerals because they are bound by cellulose, which humans cannot break down. You can break down cellulose by cooking the vegetables but then you kill nutrients. Juicing rids the vegetable of the cellulose but not the good stuff.
  • Fruit juices act primarily as cleansers to detoxify the blood, to purify the organs.
  • Vegetable juices have more of a tonic effect that heals, stabilizes and builds the body.
  • They are potent elixirs which will push you through your day with their synergistic power.
  • Juices imbibe us with a dose of living foods electrochemical energy.
  • They help you cut thousands of calories and quench your appetite besides, because they contain so much concentrated nourishment.
  • In saying all this, store bought bottled juice is dead. You may as well being drinking soft drink. Which makes American children fat.

    And, nutrients are great, (as in the case of veges), but to serve our bodies they must be able to get into our cells. Juice allows this immediately.

    invest in a juicer, baby!