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It's Always Worth A Try

My name is Lily. I play the dulcimer, used to write a newsletter, enjoy dulcimers, vampires, and anime, and thought I might as well try to take some of my ideas from my newsletter and get them online. Who knows what will happen? Probably death. But in any case, I have used this site for research many times, and for enjoyment, and find myself drawn. I would like to contribute.

Back to me. I also am a huge fan of reading and writing prose and poetry, of art, of music, of rock, squonk opera, techno, country, classical, new age, "it all." I think Norman Rockwell is cool. And I am itchy to try to create something.

A few quotes that I think I will stick here, for lack of a better place:

"I was having an in-body experience . . . I kept thinking while I was supposed to be living . . ."

"The Snargle Factor"

"When I find someone who views the world with the same emotional intensity that I do, then, I will be in love."

And of course, from my hero Douglas Adams,
"The idea of art kills creativity."