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Fluent in Spanish and French, good at most things but master of none
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Of Mediterranean origins and international homes across the continents of Europe and South America, life is still here but not here yet not there, belonging on the edge but living within.

The South Amercian Experience has been chronicled in diary form with absurd meetings in incongruous places. It will have to be put down in type. Cliches abound and yet are true. The experience has formed the total of the continually morphing body.

Experiences rival that of Madonna except are true - Madge invented herself with dyes and stylists - I lived those lives: tri-lingual guide in the Andes, Formula One journalist, mother, lover, Ducati motorcycle racer, Nevin, language teacher, international traveller, student, Ananpurna trekker, speaker of French and Spanish, division 1 badminton player, artisan ... So the list of colours is woven into the rich tapestry of life to form the colourful present.