Elf is a brand name of the French company TotalFinaElf, which also includes the Total and Fina companies, which also make various fuels and distribute them through service stations. They primarily produce fuels, heating oil, gasoline, and lubricants.

ELF RACE FUEL - feel the power!

ELF is generally considered to be a brand of racing fuel. They make unleaded fuels for go-karts, motorcycles, and general use, and leaded fuels for essentially all kinds of racing from karts up to pro stock drag racing. ELF is a French company (Elf Antar France) but they sell around the world. In addition, they also make synthetic motor oils in low and high viscosities, including for those vehicles using nitromethane, non-silicone DOT 5.1 brake fluid, shock oil, transmission fluid, fuel additives, grease, miscellaneous lubricants, and automotive cleaning products.

Elf Fuel is the official fuel for the FedEx CART championship series, the American LeMans series, the Speedvision World Challenge, and the Dayton Indy Lights Championship.

Elf also makes road asphalts, and fuels for agriculture.


On the 14th of July, 1939, a gas field was discovered in France, at Saint-Marcet, Aquitaine. The Régie Autonome des Pétroles (RAP) was formed to exploit it, followed by the Société Nationale des Pétroles d'Aquitaine (SNPA) in 1941. Finally, to locate and exploit oil resources outside of France, the Bureau de Recherches de Pétrole (BRP) was created. In December of 1965, the Rap and the BRP merged to form Erap (Entreprise de Recherches et d'Activités Pétrolières), a holding company for all the companies existing at the time. The SNPA became the new parent company's main subsidiary.

This mishmash of various groups and companies was united under a single logo consisting of a solid red circle on April 28th, 1967, and with the short, "snappy" name of Elf.


Website: Elf Racing Fuels and Lubricants Official Website. (http://www.racecar.co.uk/elfracingfuels/)

Website: Totalfinalelf.com. (http://www.totalfinaelf.com/ho/en/index.htm)