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Some people sink. Other people swim. Most of us drift.

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One does not need to settle for the hand that they were dealt; however, one should be able to accept that those cards were dealt. Life does not spite you, nor is it particularly generous. All things come to you via a choice you make. Accept all consequences, good and bad, and peace will be had.

She burned so brightly, she was able to melt away the fog of jaded eyes. Or maybe she burned so brightly that I am now blind to all others.

May not the sight of my eyes, mind, or heart overpower the vision provided by the other two...

Tears are meant to clean dirt from the eye. It's amazing that a little bit of salt water released from your eye lids can clear one's vision so thoroughly...

This is my secret place, here beneath you. I feel your hips resting on mine; your lightness amazes me. Your hair is a moire veil that hides me from the world. Your eyes are my twinkling stars, and your smile: a waxing moon. My eyes elate at knowing that there is nothing more beautiful at which to gaze. Your lips provide the honey wine that nourishes my deepest hungers. I have no wants when I drink your kisses. Your whispers are a fresh breeze that rejuvenate my soul. You are my world. You are my everything. Nothing else matters when I hide with you in my secret place.