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I am a CIS major at Ohio State University (actually, I am considered pre-CIS. I need to finish the Java (intro to programming (which I am only taking because I am too lazy to take the placement test (I probably ought to take a LISP class at some point(If you know why, then you are a real geek))) class that I am in, Calc III, and two C++ classes before I can apply to be a CIS major (everyone at OSU thinks they want to be a CIS major at OSU for a quarter or two; I however really do.)).
I also plan to major in either Linguistics or Japanese and minor in the other. I figure that if I am going to take at least 8 years to get a bachelors degree, I may as well get two. (Fall will be year five for me. I dicked around at a community college for a *long* time).
I have been a vegetarian for almost six years and an atheist for about 10. Just giving info. I won't cram it down your throat if you leave me alone about it too.
I work at Java's Cyber Espresso Bar ( at both the Gahanna (which means "hell" in hebrew) and Convention Center locations.
I live in the North Campus area of Columbus, Ohio with my longtime girlfriend Christy and our stupid, yet loveable cat Merlin. Oh, and about six trillion computers in various levels of operability. :)