Last night it took a fair amount of time to fall asleep. I think I finally dozed off around 4:30am, with the alarm clock set for 9:20. Class was at noon.

I managed to get up when the alarm went off and stumble over to turn off the screeching noise. Still tired, I fell back into my bed for a few more minutes of rest, and that's where my strange journey through time began.

I never felt myself falling asleep, as I always do. Instead, I blinked
- and it was 9:40. Again, I blinked
- and it was 10:30. A blink
- it's 11:30. I try to get up, and my limbs begin to move, but as I start to leave the comfort of my bed my eyelids descend and blink
- and the clock reads, in red electronic unfriendly LEDs, 11:50. I let loose a silent scream - there was no sense of time between the four blinks, no sense of falling asleep or waking up. I've discovered time travel, and as I run to class, I only wish I could teleport as smoothly.