A folk musician who has released several albums on Michael Gira's Young God record label. He possses a truly mesmerizing warble that mirrors his own unusual name. He sounds like he's imitating someone, maybe strung out a Billie Holiday, Dylan without a lazy tongue, or Tiny Tim on a Valium. His songs draw intricate portraits of strange landscapes, animals, and unusual emotions. One song a sort of nonsensical love song to the state of Michigan, another a list of end rhymes and their dialetical cousins. While out of the range for most folk fans, sometimes everyone needs to be freaked out a little bit.Suitably, his music subgenre is refered by critics as "freakfolk". Not overtly scary, just remarkably unusual.


Oh Me, Oh My 2002 (Young God)

Black Babies 2003 (Young God)

Rejoicing in the Hands 2004 (Young God)

Nino Rojo 2004 (Young God)