The largest trade paperback of the Transmetropolitan series. Lust For Life contains issues #4 through #12 (that's a whopping 9 issues), and gives great background into what The City is like, touching on everything from the abundance of religions to television, the Reservations, and more. We also get to know The Beast as well in a touching scene involving an illegal bowel disruptor.

The first six issues in the TPB are stand-alone, while the last three are a plot arc, Freeze Me With Your Kiss. The story involves Spider Jerusalem's wife being stolen from cryogenic storage, a death threat signed by 500 people over a Jerusalem column, and more.

Lust For Life also introduces Spider's assistant and soon-to-be bodyguard, Channon Yarrow. While you don't need to own this book to have all of the main Transmetropolitan plotline, it's priceless background information, and obscure references made in these nine issues are clarified in future Transmets. These are also the first issues published under DC's Vertigo label, after Helix went belly-up.