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Knowing that everyone is different and learning to accept some quality they have that makes the world better. No matter how sublte.
Being fully aware that when I am shopping for tomatoes, one of them may be a rouge tomato-- Inspired by the first mission in Final Fantasy XXII
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Gears of War 3
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Real Name: Karl


Affectionately know as: "There can't be enough hours in a day for you to have that much time on your hands"

                                 "Do you sit and think of ways to annoy me?"

                                 "How did you do that?"

                                 "Why would you want to do that?"


Home: Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA


Originally from: Summerville, SC


Things I do: Art (I painted a six foot picture of Megaman on my wall)



                  Video games



My dog's name: Vector


Things I eat: Food


Things I don't eat: Dog food