Dizzy and Katyana announce their marriage, today, at 6:30pm Eastern time.

Ever since November 7, 2000, we've looked forward to this day. The barriers between us have been many; time, distance and government regulations. But I am so happy we've made it thus far. Against advice from many, including those who will be reading this, we've reached the point where our bond will be solemnized.

I've found it strangely difficult to put into lucid words just how happy I am right now. All those movies where the main two characters meet in the first reel, get married by the last: I realise now that they are pale imitations of reality, they cannot communicate anything more than an image of what true love and partnership are.

I have grown over the past 6 months, grown in character and beliefs, grown to meet my love. I have thoughts about things that I swore I never would; houses, children, money and love. Any worries about the future are tempered, made easier to swallow by the simple fact that I am not alone any more. So I thank you, Dana; thank you for being there, for helping, for listening, for cajoling, for laughing and for loving. Thank you for smiling and dancing, for showing me that I have those same qualities if I would only look. Music sounds different now, I no longer wish to lose myself in melodies; instead I look to find us in words.

I remember the dozens of /msgs both I and katyana received when I announced our engagement. We have thefez to thank for that; posting my daylog on the front page was a great gesture. thefez will be there, being HAPPY and POSSIBLY FROLICKING. clampe will perform the ceremony, which he has written in between writing 70 page papers for his doctorate; we can't express how much we appreciate and love you for this, matey. the gilded frame has done far more than anyone should for a guy he has never met; I hope you get that dance, matey. masukomi and drunkenmonkey are travelling many hundreds of miles from Boston to wish us well, while randir has agreed to be my best man; Your welcome to this country set me at ease, showed me that everything was going to be OK, thanks guys. Void_Ptr is providing these aforementioned Bostonians with board and lodging, and transporting them all over Michigan, it seems; Thanks Rosie.

*sigh* I know that at 6:30pm, there will be many tears of joy; I will shed some myself. I've never really seen true love before, it can be overwhelming.

If you'd like to send your best wishes to us, /msg either katyana or dizzy, or even better, email either dmcnabb@isr.umich.edu or dizzy@futureless.org.

At some point, the details for the webcam will be finalized, but we will most definitely have a PC at the hall where we are to be married; you may want to hang around on #everything at around 6pm Eastern.

It occurs to me that many people reading this will not understand why I am posting this. Well, young noders, gather around and let me tell you this true story:

Katyana and Dizzy met through Everything. We talked through #everything and found out about each other via the nodes we wrote. We fell in love because of this anarchic, silly, wonderful, serious website. I would tell you more, but the story is there to be seen in my nodes; mostly in daylogs, but also in the proliferation of bad poetry ;-)